Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspiration Seeking

In addition to all the creative projects and inspiration floating around in my head, I also have some pieces that I have zero vision this one:

I've had this mirror posted on Craigslist for several weeks with no takers. It's actually a tri-fold mirror, the sides just aren't attached now - it's simply way too big with them on!

I asked for suggestions and inspiration on Facebook a few weeks ago, and my favorite suggestion came from Mom 4 Real - she suggestion that I turn the mirror into a chalkboard! She did it herself and her results are awesome enough that she's had me thinking about it ever since.

So I've got chalkboards on the brain, and I'm thisclose to an obsession. I don't have a pinboard for it, yet, but I think that may happen very soon.

Here's some pictures from the inspiration file...

especially good for reminders...

and sometimes just downright fun!

I've been trying to get my sister in law to let me do this in her kitchen...she has the perfect spot for it!

Pinterest is always such a source of inspiration, but I'm still not sure if I want to jump into this project. It might be fun, but the frame just isn't my style and I don't know if it would be worth it to try to sell....

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas?


  1. I have to warn you...that is how it do one chalkboard project, then you want to turn everything into a chalkboard! Thanks so much for the mention, sweet tater!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  2. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!!!!!! Yes, you will LOVE it! Jess's projects all 14,000 of her chalk paint projects are too cute! Why the heck not!? I don't think you have anything to lose and I think you will be in awe at how much fun and functional it will be! EEEEK! Can't wait to see!!!! Jen

  3. what would it look like to lacquer the entire thing white and put color behind the pierced part? like kelly green or navy?

  4. Love the third one down. So pretty!

  5. I'm chalkboard crazy too and think your mirror would look great as one. I would paint and distress the frame, though. Perhaps the "wings" could be magnetized (yes there's paint for that) and it could be a great message center. Ann

  6. I see a chalkboard project coming up :-)

  7. Ive just found your blog doing a blog hop, I love those images above with the blackboards, I am thinking about using an old frame and painting the inside with chalk board paint to hang in my kitchen for writing reminders on as I had used a similar image in a recent post myself.

    I have just added myself as your latest follower and linky follower, hope you get a chance to visit my blog :).



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